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The Canadian Directory is a new Canadian web directory of internet resources for Canadians. Our directory contains: Quality Links, Shopping Information, News, Sports, Local Stories, Entertainment and other interesting information. To add a Canadian site to our directory go to the appropriate section and suggested the site.

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Canadian Quiz
Who placed the world's first long distance telephone call in 1876? Alexander Graham Bell
In 1873, Parliament passed an Act that established the North-West Mounted Police. By what name is this force now known? Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Which is Canada's largest Province? Quebec
Guy Laliberte is the creator of what world-renown circus? Cirque du Soleil
Which province produces the most maple syrup? Quebec

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Parliament Building & Locks, Ottawa
Famous Canadian's

Terry FoxTerry Fox
On the morning of April 12, 1980, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope. Fox's journey took him through the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario, until he stopped just outside of Thunder Bay. He had run 5,376 kms, and by February 1981, raised $24.17 million. Fox died, with his family beside him, on June 28, 1981. That September, the first Terry Fox Run was held. Source CBC

The aim of The Canadian Directory is to provide quality links and information Canadians and the international visitors. We accept links from all provinces that offer value to our users. Adult and hate sites are also disallowed. The Canada Directory reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason. The Canada Directory also reserves the right to post submitted links in what we consider to be appropriate categories.

The Canadian Directory is now accepting articles and stories about Canada for a new section we are creating. The Canadian Directory reserves the right to refuse publication of any article.

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